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    • Forms of Empire: Law, Violence, and the Poetics of Victorian Power 

      Hensley, Nathan Kyran (2009)
      Victorian England was the first empire in history to imagine itself as liberal, believing that its own power could bring law to the darkest and most unruly corners of the world. But despite covering nearly the entire period ...
    • Other Than a Citizen: Vernacular Poetics in Postwar America 

      Moore, Jonathan Peter (2016)
      Few symbols of 1950s-1960s America remain as central to our contemporary conception of Cold War culture as the iconic ranch-style suburban home. While the house took center stage in the Nixon/Khrushchev kitchen debates as ...
    • Sound Matters in Poetry, Music, and Arts Under Dictatorship in Brazil 

      Simoes Nogueira, Marcelo (2022)
      This dissertation, “Sound Matters in Poetry, Music and Arts Under Dictatorship in Brazil,” shows how experiments with sound across three different fields—poetry, popular music, and fine art—established new models for poetic, ...