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    • Essays on Privacy, Information, and Anonymous Transactions 

      Wagman, Liad (2009)
      This dissertation uses game theoretic models to examine the effects of agent anonymity on markets for goods and for information. In open, anonymous settings, such as the Internet, anonymity is relatively easy to obtain --- ...
    • Essays on the Industrial Organization of Telecommunications Markets 

      Nolan, Zachary (2020)
      This dissertation is an empirical study of the industrial organization of telecommunications markets. In recent years, online video has disrupted the telecommunications industry, driving large-scale investments in infrastructure, ...
    • Price Discrimination in the Housing Market 

      Bayer, P; Casey, M; Ferreira, F; McMillan, R (Economic Research Initiatives at Duke (ERID), 2012-05-01)
      This paper sets out a new research design to test for price discrimination by sellers in the housing market. The design controls carefully for unobserved differences in the quality of neighborhoods and homes purchased by ...