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    • Antibody-mediated Immunotherapy of Brain Tumors 

      Gedeon, Patrick Christopher (2017)
      Conventional therapy for malignant glioma (MG) fails to specifically target tumor cells. In contrast, immunotherapy offers an exquisitely precise approach, and substantial evidence indicates that if appropriately redirected, ...
    • Bioorthogonal Functionalization of Elastin-like Polypeptides 

      Costa, Simone (2019)
      Recombinant technology has given us the powerful ability to imagine and create novel biological entities, from potent therapeutics to functionally active materials. By harnessing nature’s building blocks and reconfiguring ...
    • Integrating Protein Engineering and Genomics for Cancer Therapy 

      Manzari, Mandana Taghizadeh (2018)
      We have developed a broadly applicable platform that harnesses the power of protein engineering and genetic screening to produce efficacious protein-drug combinations for cancer therapy. For proof-of-concept, we implemented ...