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    • Heart failure in sub-Saharan Africa. 

      Barasa, FA; Bloomfield, Gerald; Doll, JA; Velazquez, Eric J (Curr Cardiol Rev, 2013-05)
      The heart failure syndrome has been recognized as a significant contributor to cardiovascular disease burden in sub-Saharan African for many decades. Seminal knowledge regarding heart failure in the region came from case ...
    • The toxicology of climate change: environmental contaminants in a warming world. 

      Clark, BW; Erwin, KN; Levin, Edward Daniel; McElwee, MK; Miller, HD; Noyes, PD; Van Tiem, LA; ... (8 authors) (Environ Int, 2009-08)
      Climate change induced by anthropogenic warming of the earth's atmosphere is a daunting problem. This review examines one of the consequences of climate change that has only recently attracted attention: namely, the effects ...