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    • Hijacking Germ Cells for Cancer: Examining a 'Dead End' in Male Germ Cell Development 

      Cook, Matthew Simon (2010)
      Germ cells represent the immortal line: they are guardians of a totipotent genome and are essential for the genetic survival of an individual organism and ultimately a species. An error at any stage in development ...
    • Post-transcriptional Regulation of Membrane-associated RNAs 

      Jagannathan, Sujatha (2013)
      RNA localization provides the blueprint for compartmentalized protein synthesis in eukaryotic cells. Current paradigms indicate that RNAs encoding secretory and membrane proteins are recruited to the endoplasmic reticulum ...
    • SR proteins in microRNA/mRNA biogenesis 

      Wu, Han (2011)
      SR proteins are a family of splicing factors involved in the regulation of both constitutive and alternative splicing of pre-mRNAs. Despite years of studies, several big questions still remain: how the expression levels ...