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    • Anti-phospholipid human monoclonal antibodies inhibit CCR5-tropic HIV-1 and induce beta-chemokines. 

      Alam, S Munir; Barbero, G; Chang, C; Chen, PP; Denny, Thomas Norton; Drinker, MS; Edmonds, TG; ... (28 authors) (J Exp Med, 2010-04-12)
      Traditional antibody-mediated neutralization of HIV-1 infection is thought to result from the binding of antibodies to virions, thus preventing virus entry. However, antibodies that broadly neutralize HIV-1 are rare and ...
    • Determinants of protection among HIV‐exposed seronegative persons: an overview. 

      Alter, G; Anthony, D; Carrington, Mary; Cho, M; Daskalakis, DC; Douek, DC; Goedert, JJ; ... (16 authors) (J Infect Dis, 2010-11-01)
      Both clinical experience and a growing medical literature indicate that some persons who have been exposed to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection remain uninfected. Although in some instances this may represent ...
    • Origin and evolution of HIV-1 in breast milk determined by single-genome amplification and sequencing. 

      Borrow, P; Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology A0167854; Denny, Thomas Norton; Fouda, Genevieve; Hahn, Beatrice H; Kalilani, L; Kang, HH; ... (19 authors) (J Virol, 2011-03)
      HIV transmission via breastfeeding accounts for a considerable proportion of infant HIV acquisition. However, the origin and evolution of the virus population in breast milk, the likely reservoir of transmitted virus variants, ...