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    • Encoding of Concurrent Sounds in the Monkey Inferior Colliculus 

      Willett, Shawn M (2020)
      The inferior colliculus (IC) is an auditory midbrain nucleus essential to the perception of sound frequency and the localization of sound source; yet it remains unclear how the firing rate of primate IC neurons contribute ...
    • The Danger of Party Government 

      Bennett, Scott (2017)
      American voters understand that elections have consequences, but they have become so disillusioned by their political system that approximately 40 percent have self-selected out of the two-party circus, choosing instead ...
    • They’re There, Now What?: The Identities, Behaviors, and Perceptions of Black Judges 

      Means, Taneisha Nicole (2016)
      Prior to the Civil Rights Movement, fewer than 50 Black judges had been elected or appointed to the judiciary. As of August 2015, there are over 1,000 Black state and federal judges. As the number of black judges has increased, ...