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    • Identification of Endocrine Therapy Induced Targetable Vulnerabilities in Cancer 

      Krebs, Taylor Kalei (2021)
      Prostate and breast cancers are major health concerns, being amongst the most common forms of cancers in both men and women. The majority of prostate and breast cancers are driven by the hormone receptors androgen receptor ...
    • Outer Membrane Vesicles: A New Paradigm of Bacterial Innate Immunity 

      Manning, Andrew (2013)
      Outer membrane vesicles are an important constitutive product of all Gram-negative bacteria. Bacteria have evolved many responses to alleviate all different types of stress. The primary objective of this dissertation is ...
    • The Economics of Malaria Vector Control 

      Brown, Zachary Steven (2011)
      In recent years, government aid agencies and international organizations have increased their financial commitments to controlling and eliminating malaria from the planet. This renewed emphasis on elimination is reminiscent ...