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    • Akrasia and the Aesthetic: Human Agency and the Site of Literature, 1760-1820 

      Manganaro, Thomas Salem (2016)
      This study focuses on a series of foundational stylistic and formal innovations in eighteenth-century and Romantic literature, and argues that they can be cumulatively attributed to the distinct challenges authors faced ...
    • Suicidal Romanticism: Race, Gender, and the End(s) of Individualism 

      Koretsky, Deanna Petra (2015)
      Moving beyond traditional conceptions of suicide in Romantic literature as indices of Romanticism's fascination with tragic or mad genius, this dissertation traces how Romantic-era writers also employed the trope of suicide ...
    • Writing Women Dance 

      Nunn, Tessa Ashlin (2021)
      This project examines dance scenes in nineteenth-century French novels written by women to consider how grace—beauty in motion—defines women as social, moral, and artistic actors. Creating a constellation of dance scenes, ...