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    • A depth aftereffect caused by viewing a rotating Ames window. 

      Rubin, DC (Perception, 1982-01)
      After a rotating Ames window has been viewed, a normal test window held diagonal to the subject's line of sight appears to be distorted, having a larger back than front. The effect does not occur if a normal window is rotated ...
    • A kinesin motor in a force-producing conformation. 

      Heuston, Elisabeth; Bronner, C Eric; Kull, F Jon; Endow, Sharyn A (BMC Struct Biol, 2010-07-05)
      BACKGROUND: Kinesin motors hydrolyze ATP to produce force and move along microtubules, converting chemical energy into work by a mechanism that is only poorly understood. Key transitions and intermediate states in the process ...
    • Torsional behavior of chromatin is modulated by rotational phasing of nucleosomes. 

      Nam, Gi-Moon; Arya, Gaurav (Nucleic Acids Res, 2014-09)
      Torsionally stressed DNA plays a critical role in genome organization and regulation. While the effects of torsional stresses on naked DNA have been well studied, little is known about how these stresses propagate within ...