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    • Essays on Self-Control 

      Groves, Alexander (2012)
      This dissertation concerns methods to test whether or not self-controlis costly, the form of temptation, and the affects different assumptionsabout costly self-control and temptation have on optimal borrowingand ...
    • Microinterventions targeting regulatory focus and regulatory fit selectively reduce dysphoric and anxious mood. 

      Cornwell, JFM; Franks, B; Higgins, ET; Kwapil, Lori; Sehnert, S; Socolar, Y; Strauman, Timothy J (Behav Res Ther, 2015-09)
      Depression and generalized anxiety, separately and as comorbid states, continue to represent a significant public health challenge. Current cognitive-behavioral treatments are clearly beneficial but there remains a need ...
    • Social, Personal, and Environmental Influences on Self-Control 

      vanDellen, Michelle (2008-04-21)
      Current accounts of self-control are highly individualistic. When individuals succeed at exerting self-control, we assume that they possess some positive internal characteristic that explans their success. Similarly, when ...