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    • Engineering Exquisite Nanoscale Behavior with DNA 

      Gopalkrishnan, Nikhil (2012)
      Self-assembly is a pervasive natural phenomenon that gives rise to complex structures and functions. It describes processes in which a disordered system of components form organized structures as a consequence of specific, ...
    • Magnetic Assisted Colloidal Pattern Formation 

      Yang, Ye (2015)
      Pattern formation is a mysterious phenomenon occurring at all scales in nature. The beauty of the resulting structures and myriad of resulting properties occurring in naturally forming patterns have attracted great interest ...
    • Physics of Hexagonal Limit-Periodic Phases: Thermodynamics, Formation and Vibrational Modes 

      Belley, Catherine Cronin Marcoux (2016)
      Limit-periodic (LP) structures exhibit a type of nonperiodic order yet to be found in a natural material. A recent result in tiling theory, however, has shown that LP order can spontaneously emerge in a two-dimensional (2D) ...