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    • An Empirical Comparison of Multiple Imputation Methods for Categorical Data 

      Akande, O; Li, F; Reiter, J (The American Statistician, 2017-04-03)
      © 2017 American Statistical Association. Multiple imputation is a common approach for dealing with missing values in statistical databases. The imputer fills in missing values with draws from predictive models estimated ...
    • Multi-type branching processes with time-dependent branching rates 

      Dolgopyat, D; Hebbar, P; Koralov, L; Perlman, M (Journal of Applied Probability, 2018-09-01)
      Copyright © Applied Probability Trust 2018. Under mild nondegeneracy assumptions on branching rates in each generation, we provide a criterion for almost sure extinction of a multi-type branching process with time-dependent ...
    • Spectral gaps in wasserstein distances and the 2d stochastic navier-stokes equations 

      Hairer, Martin; Mattingly, Jonathan C (Annals of Probability, 2008-11-01)
      We develop a general method to prove the existence of spectral gaps for Markov semigroups on Banach spaces. Unlike most previous work, the type of norm we consider for this analysis is neither a weighted supremum norm nor ...