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    • Scalable Stochastic Models for Cloud Services 

      Ghosh, Rahul (2012)
      Cloud computing appears to be a paradigm shift in service oriented computing. Massively scalable Cloud architectures are spawned by new business and social applications as well as Internet driven economics. Besides being ...
    • Stochastic Process Models on Dynamic Networks 

      Bu, Fan (2021)
      We present novel model frameworks and inference procedures for stochastic point processes on dynamic networks. The point process can be defined for a random phenomenon that spreads among the network nodes, and for the temporally ...
    • Tree Topology Estimation 

      Estrada, Rolando Jose (2013)
      Tree-like structures are fundamental in nature. A wide variety of two-dimensional imaging techniques allow us to image trees. However, an image of a tree typically includes spurious branch crossings and the original relationships ...