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    • Making the case for a formal Anthropocene Epoch: An analysis of ongoing critiques 

      Zalasiewicz, J; Waters, CN; Wolfe, AP; Barnosky, AD; Cearreta, A; Edgeworth, M; Ellis, EC; ... (27 authors) (Newsletters on Stratigraphy, 2017-01-01)
      © 2017 The Authors. A range of published arguments against formalizing the Anthropocene as a geological time unit have variously suggested that it is a misleading term of non-stratigraphic origin and usage, is based ...
    • The Cenozoic History of the Andean Foreland in Southeastern Peru 

      Salenbien, Wout (2018)
      Results from two geographical study areas are presented in this dissertation, contributing important new information about the Cenozoic geological, environmental and biological regime. At the first locality along the Manu ...