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    • Childhood bullying involvement predicts low-grade systemic inflammation into adulthood. 

      Copeland, WE; Wolke, D; Lereya, ST; Shanahan, L; Worthman, C; Costello, EJ (Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2014-05-27)
      Bullying is a common childhood experience that involves repeated mistreatment to improve or maintain one's status. Victims display long-term social, psychological, and health consequences, whereas bullies display minimal ...
    • Renal systems biology of patients with systemic inflammatory response syndrome. 

      Cairns, CB; Dinwiddie, DL; Fowler, Vance Garrison Jr; Glew, RH; Glickman, Seth W; Harrod, KS; Jaehne, AK; ... (21 authors) (Kidney Int, 2015-10)
      A systems biology approach was used to comprehensively examine the impact of renal disease and hemodialysis (HD) on patient response during critical illness. To achieve this, we examined the metabolome, proteome, ...