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    • Can metaphors and analogies improve communication with seriously ill patients? 

      Casarett, David; Pickard, Amy; Fishman, Jessica M; Alexander, Stewart C; Arnold, Robert M; Pollak, Kathryn I; Tulsky, James A (J Palliat Med, 2010-03)
      OBJECTIVE: It is not known how often physicians use metaphors and analogies, or whether they improve patients' perceptions of their physicians' ability to communicate effectively. Therefore, the objective of this study was ...
    • Can prospect theory explain risk-seeking behavior by terminally ill patients? 

      Rasiel, Emma B; Weinfurt, Kevin P; Schulman, Kevin A (Med Decis Making, 2005-11)
      Patients with life-threatening conditions sometimes appear to make risky treatment decisions as their condition declines, contradicting the risk-averse behavior predicted by expected utility theory. Prospect theory accommodates ...