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    • Illicit cigarette consumption and government revenue loss in Indonesia. 

      Ahsan, A; Denniston, R; Setyonaluri, D; So, Anthony D; Wiyono, NH (Global Health, 2014-11-19)
      BACKGROUND: Illicit cigarettes comprise more than 11% of tobacco consumption and 17% of consumption in low- and middle-income countries. Illicit cigarettes, defined as those that evade taxes, lower consumer prices, threaten ...
    • The empirical analysis of cigarette tax avoidance and illicit trade in Vietnam, 1998-2010. 

      Denniston, R; Hoang, TA; Nguyen, HT; Nguyen, MT; Ross, H; So, Anthony D (PLoS One, 2014)
      Illicit trade carries the potential to magnify existing tobacco-related health care costs through increased availability of untaxed and inexpensive cigarettes. What is known with respect to the magnitude of illicit trade ...