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    • Pol II docking and pausing at growth and stress genes in C. elegans. 

      Antoshechkin, I; Baugh, LR; Core, LJ; Kruesi, WS; Kurhanewicz, N; Lewarch, CL; Lis, JT; ... (10 authors) (Cell Rep, 2014-02-13)
      Fluctuations in nutrient availability profoundly impact gene expression. Previous work revealed postrecruitment regulation of RNA polymerase II (Pol II) during starvation and recovery in Caenorhabditis elegans, suggesting ...
    • Yeast screens identify the RNA polymerase II CTD and SPT5 as relevant targets of BRCA1 interaction. 

      Bennett, CB; Westmoreland, TJ; Verrier, CS; Blanchette, CA; Sabin, TL; Phatnani, HP; Mishina, YV; ... (16 authors) (PLoS One, 2008-01-16)
      BRCA1 has been implicated in numerous DNA repair pathways that maintain genome integrity, however the function responsible for its tumor suppressor activity in breast cancer remains obscure. To identify the most highly conserved ...