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    • Site-specific retinoic acid production in the brain of adult songbirds. 

      Denisenko-Nehrbass, NI; Jarvis, E; Scharff, C; Nottebohm, F; Mello, CV (Neuron, 2000-08)
      The song system of songbirds, a set of brain nuclei necessary for song learning and production, has distinctive morphological and functional properties. Utilizing differential display, we searched for molecular components ...
    • Vulnerabilities in mIDH2 AML confer sensitivity to APL-like targeted combination therapy. 

      Mugoni, Vera; Panella, Riccardo; Cheloni, Giulia; Chen, Ming; Pozdnyakova, Olga; Stroopinsky, Dina; Guarnerio, Jlenia; ... (22 authors) (Cell research, 2019-06)
      Although targeted therapies have proven effective and even curative in human leukaemia, resistance often ensues. IDH enzymes are mutated in ~20% of human AML, with targeted therapies under clinical evaluation. We ...