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    • Altered diffusion tensor imaging measurements in aged transgenic Huntington disease rats. 

      Antonsen, BT; Jiang, Y; Johnson, G Allan; Leergaard, TB; Nguyen, HP; Qu, H; Sijbers, J; ... (9 authors) (Brain Struct Funct, 2013-05)
      Rodent models of Huntington disease (HD) are valuable tools for investigating HD pathophysiology and evaluating new therapeutic approaches. Non-invasive characterization of HD-related phenotype changes is important for monitoring ...
    • Analysis of the mouse transcriptome for genes involved in the function of the nervous system. 

      Batalov, S; Beisel, KW; Bono, H; Carninci, P; Fletcher, CF; Grimmond, S; GSL Members; ... (22 authors) (Genome Res, 2003-06)
      We analyzed the mouse Representative Transcript and Protein Set for molecules involved in brain function. We found full-length cDNAs of many known brain genes and discovered new members of known brain gene families, including ...