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    • Barnacle cement: a polymerization model based on evolutionary concepts. 

      Dickinson, Gary H. (2009-11)
      The tenacity by which barnacles adhere has sparked a long history of scientific investigation into their adhesive mechanisms. To adhere, barnacles utilize proteinaceous cement that rapidly polymerizes and forms adhesive ...
    • Mass spectrometry-based thermal shift assay for protein-ligand binding analysis. 

      West, Graham M; Thompson, J Will; Soderblom, Erik J; Dubois, Laura G; Dearmond, Patrick D; Moseley, M Arthur; Fitzgerald, Michael C (Anal Chem, 2010-07-01)
      Described here is a mass spectrometry-based screening assay for the detection of protein-ligand binding interactions in multicomponent protein mixtures. The assay utilizes an oxidation labeling protocol that involves using ...