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    • A wireless multi-channel recording system for freely behaving mice and rats. 

      Barter, JW; Dalley, JW; Fan, David; Herwik, S; Holtzman, T; Holzhammer, T; Lopez, A; ... (13 authors) (PLoS One, 2011)
      To understand the neural basis of behavior, it is necessary to record brain activity in freely moving animals. Advances in implantable multi-electrode array technology have enabled researchers to record the activity of neuronal ...
    • Coded aperture compressive temporal imaging. 

      Brady, David J; Carin, Lawrence; Kittle, D; Liao, X; Llull, P; Sapiro, Guillermo; Yang, J; ... (8 authors) (Opt Express, 2013-05-06)
      We use mechanical translation of a coded aperture for code division multiple access compression of video. We discuss the compressed video's temporal resolution and present experimental results for reconstructions of > 10 ...
    • Development of a decision aid to inform patients' and families' renal replacement therapy selection decisions. 

      Ameling, JM; Auguste, P; Boulware, Ebony; Crews, DC; DePasquale, N; Ephraim, Patti L; Greer, RC; ... (10 authors) (BMC Med Inform Decis Mak, 2012-12-01)
      BACKGROUND: Few educational resources have been developed to inform patients' renal replacement therapy (RRT) selection decisions. Patients progressing toward end stage renal disease (ESRD) must decide among multiple treatment ...