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    • Feasibility Study of Energy Recovery by Incineration - A Case Study of the Triangle Wastewater Treatment Plant 

      Ashwekar, Pratik; Pan, Hui; Jiang, Mandy (2017-04-28)
      This study evaluates the energy recovery potential of wastewater by means of incineration for a small wastewater treatment plant. An analysis was conducted taking a local sewage treatment plant as a case in point, the challenge ...
    • The Water-Energy Nexus for Hydraulic Fracturing 

      Kondash, Andrew John (2019)
      The water energy nexus represents the intersection of water use, energy production, electricity generation, and waste generation and disposal. The rapid rise of unconventional natural gas and oil production through the combined ...
    • Wastewater Management for Shale Hydrocarbon Extraction 

      Kutchins, Courtney; Yetter, Beth; Zhu, Nairuo (2013-04)
      Wastewater generation poses significant challenges to the future of shale oil and gas extraction. With the rapid expansion of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling operations, solutions for wastewater management are ...