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    • A Philosophical Examination of Working Memory 

      Beninger, Max Hanson (2019)
      Working memory—the mental capacity to “hold on to” information after it ceases to be perceptually available—is one of the most discussed topics in psychology and neuroscience. Despite the importance of working memory in ...
    • Evaluating the Role of Attention in Decision Making 

      Vo, Khoi Dai (2020)
      Attentional processes are critical aspects of the neural, cognitive, and computational mechanisms of decision-making. However, the role of such processes is often not given much focus in decision-making research, especially ...
    • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation enhances working memory 

      Austin, Rebecca Garland (2016-04-22)
      Cognitive decline associated with aging affects a large proportion of America’s progressively older population. To remedy this decline, various working memory (WM) training protocols are emerging, the most novel of which ...