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    • High-Resolution Mapping of Mitotic Recombination in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 

      St. Charles, Jordan Anne (2012)
      Double-stranded DNA breaks are potentially lethal lesions that can be repaired in mitotic cells by either homologous recombination (HR) or non-homologous end- joining (NHEJ) pathways. In the HR pathway, the broken DNA molecule ...
    • Imaging Polarization in Budding Yeast. 

      Johnson, SA; Lew, Daniel J; McClure, AW; Wu, CF (Methods Mol Biol, 2016)
      We describe methods for live-cell imaging of yeast cells that we have exploited to image yeast polarity establishment. As a rare event occurring on a fast time-scale, imaging polarization involves a trade-off between ...
    • Investigations of Inositol Phosphate-Mediated Transcription 

      Hatch, Ace Joseph (2012)
      Inositol phosphates (IPs) are eukaryotic signaling molecules that play important roles in a wide range of biological processes. IPs are required for embryonic development and patterning, insulin secretion, the regulation ...