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    • Cooption of Innate Immune Cells in Promoting and Combating Infections 

      Arifuzzaman, Mohammad (2018)
      The key components of innate immune defense to pathogens are various migratory as well as tissue resident innate immune cells, however, their interactions with pathogens as well as their immune-orchestrating roles are often ...
    • The Yersinia pestis Effector YopM Inhibits Pyrin Inflammasome Activation. 

      Wang, Donghai; Ratner, Dmitry; Orning, M Pontus A; Proulx, Megan K; Gavrilin, Mikhail A; Wewers, Mark D; Alnemri, Emad S; ... (13 authors) (PLoS pathogens, 2016-12-02)
      Type III secretion systems (T3SS) are central virulence factors for many pathogenic Gram-negative bacteria, and secreted T3SS effectors can block key aspects of host cell signaling. To counter this, innate immune responses ...