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    • Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation of Sea Turtles in the North Atlantic Ocean 

      McClellan, Catherine Marie (2009)
      Sea turtles have experienced dramatic population declines during the last century as a consequence of direct harvest, by-catch in fisheries, and habitat loss. Despite almost 50 years of partial international protection, ...
    • Conserving Moving Species under Changing Landscapes and Climates 

      Loarie, Scott Robbins (2008-08-04)
      To conserve biodiversity, it is critical to understand the dynamic landscapes and climates through which species move and how the environment influences movement choices. In particular, I am interested in how species respond ...
    • Habitat preference and use by the cougar (Puma concolor) 

      Bischoff-Mattson, Sky (2019-04-24)
      Cougars (Puma concolor) are widespread in the western US, penetrating even into the edges of inhabited and developed areas. Despite their widespread distribution, many aspects of their lives remain unquantified and poorly ...