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    • Bistability, Synthetic Biology, and Antibiotic Treatment 

      Tan, Cheemeng (2010)
      Bistable switches are commonly observed in the regulation of critical processes such as cell cycles and differentiation. The switches possess two fundamental properties: memory and bimodality. Once switched ON, the switches ...
    • Expanding the Ramoplanin Family of Antimicrobial Peptides 

      Morgan, Kelsey Teresa (2020)
      In the fight against antimicrobial resistance, chemotherapeutic agents derived from natural products have served as a first line of defense. However, widespread antibiotic resistance has created an urgency for the development ...
    • Structural and Biochemical Studies of LpxH in Lipid A Biosynthesis 

      Cho, Jae (2019)
      Due to the lack of effective treatment, death from infectious diseases was the leading cause of mortality worldwide up until early 1900. Since the discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming in 1929, a plethora of novel ...