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    • Behavior Genetics and Post Genomics 

      Charney, Evan (Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 2012-12)
      The science of genetics is undergoing a paradigm shift. Recent discoveries, including the activity of retrotransposons, the extent of copy number variations, somatic and chromosomal mosaicism, and the nature of the epigenome ...
    • The Genetics of Success: How Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms Associated With Educational Attainment Relate to Life-Course Development. 

      Belsky, Daniel W; Caspi, Avshalom; Corcoran, DL; Domingue, B; Harrington, Hona Lee; Hogan, Sean; Houts, Renate M; ... (12 authors) (Psychol Sci, 2016-07)
      A previous genome-wide association study (GWAS) of more than 100,000 individuals identified molecular-genetic predictors of educational attainment. We undertook in-depth life-course investigation of the polygenic score derived ...