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    • Molecular Poltergeists: Mitochondrial DNA Copies (numts) in Sequenced Nuclear Genomes 

      Hazkani-Covo, Einat; Zeller, Raymond M; Martin, William (2010)
      The natural transfer of DNA from mitochondria to the nucleus generates nuclear copies of mitochondrial DNA (numts) and is an ongoing evolutionary process, as genome sequences attest. In humans, five different numts cause ...
    • RNA-dependent stabilization of SUV39H1 at constitutive heterochromatin. 

      Johnson, Whitney L; Yewdell, William T; Bell, Jason C; McNulty, Shannon M; Duda, Zachary; O'Neill, Rachel J; Sullivan, Beth A; ... (8 authors) (Elife, 2017-08-01)
      Heterochromatin formed by the SUV39 histone methyltransferases represses transcription from repetitive DNA sequences and ensures genomic stability. How SUV39 enzymes localize to their target genomic loci remains unclear. ...