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    • Characterization of the Actin Nucleator Cordon-bleu in Zebrafish 

      Ravanelli, Andrew Michael (2010)
      The means by which cells, tissues, and organisms undergo morphogenesis are variable and highly regulated, and the mechanisms that govern cellular changes in response to signaling cues are poorly understood. This study seeks ...
    • Functional Analysis of the Cordon-bleu Protein in Mouse 

      Custer, Laura Mary (2009)
      The actin cytoskeleton is a fundamental component of the cell and is involved in many processes, including cell division, cell migration, vesicle trafficking and cell polarity. The actin cytoskeleton has a very important ...
    • The Role of PRCD in Building the Photoreceptor Outer Segment 

      Spencer, William James (2017)
      Human vision begins in the retina, where ~100 million photoreceptor neurons absorb light and respond to it, transferring the information to the brain where ultimately an image is created. Just like a camera’s sensor, an ...