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    • Pathways to coastal resiliency: The Adaptive Gradients Framework 

      Hamin, EM; Abunnasr, Y; Dilthey, MR; Judge, PK; Kenney, MA; Kirshen, P; Sheahan, TC; ... (16 authors) (Sustainability (Switzerland), 2018-07-26)
      Current and future climate-related coastal impacts such as catastrophic and repetitive flooding, hurricane intensity, and sea level rise necessitate a new approach to developing and managing coastal infrastructure. Traditional ...
    • Quantifying and Prioritizing Opportunities for Canal Backfilling in Louisiana 

      Pate, Haigler (2014-04-25)
      Canal backfilling-degrading and replacing the spoil adjacent to canals-has a wide range of potential benefits for the restoration of Louisiana coastal wetlands, but is not incorporated into current coastwide-scale restoration ...