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    • Early MFCC And HPCP Fusion for Robust Cover Song Identification 

      Tralie, Christopher (2017-12-11)
      While most schemes for automatic cover song identification have focused on note-based features such as HPCP and chord profiles, a few recent papers surprisingly showed that local self-similarities of MFCC-based features ...
    • Unachievable Region in Precision-Recall Space and Its Effect on Empirical Evaluation. 

      Page, Charles; Boyd, Kendrick; Santos Costa, Vítor; Davis, Jesse (Proceedings of the ... International Conference on Machine Learning. International Conference on Machine Learning, 2012-12)
      Precision-recall (PR) curves and the areas under them are widely used to summarize machine learning results, especially for data sets exhibiting class skew. They are often used analogously to ROC curves and the area under ...