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    • A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Rainwater Harvesting 

      Hicks, William D (2008-04-24)
      Rainwater harvesting has provided a water source for communities around the world dating back to circa 1500 B.C. This ancient technology continues to serve populations today, mainly in poor, rural or dry regions of the ...
    • Cost-effectiveness analysis of the diagnosis of meniscus tears. 

      Mather, Richard C; Garrett, William E; Cole, Brian J; Hussey, Kristen; Bolognesi, Michael P; Lassiter, Tally; Orlando, Lori A (Am J Sports Med, 2015-01)
      BACKGROUND: Diagnostic imaging represents the fastest growing segment of costs in the US health system. This study investigated the cost-effectiveness of alternative diagnostic approaches to meniscus tears of the knee, a ...