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    • Circuits for presaccadic visual remapping. 

      Mayo, J Patrick; Rao, Hrishikesh; Sommer, Marc A (J Neurophysiol, 2016-12-01)
      Saccadic eye movements rapidly displace the image of the world that is projected onto the retinas. In anticipation of each saccade, many neurons in the visual system shift their receptive fields. This presaccadic change ...
    • Neural Network Evidence for the Coupling of Presaccadic Visual Remapping to Predictive Eye Position Updating. 

      Rao, Hrishikesh M; San Juan, Juan; Shen, Fred Y; Villa, Jennifer E; Rafie, Kimia S; Sommer, Marc A (Front Comput Neurosci, 2016)
      As we look around a scene, we perceive it as continuous and stable even though each saccadic eye movement changes the visual input to the retinas. How the brain achieves this perceptual stabilization is unknown, but a major ...