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    • Aid, Policies, and Growth: Revisiting the Evidence 

      Burnside, A Craig; Dollar, David (2004)
      Burnside and Dollar revisit the relationship between aid and growth using a new data set focusing on the 1990s. The evidence supports the view that the impact of aid depends on the quality of state institutions and policies. ...
    • China's Health Aid to Africa 

      Tesha, Florence (2017-04-29)
      Sino-Africa relations involve China’s foreign aid to African countries. There are many questions surrounding China’s foreign aid, such as its scope, its impact, and whether it is altruistic or opportunistic. This thesis ...
    • Encouraging clean energy investment in developing countries: what role for aid? 

      Buntaine, MT; Pizer, WA (Climate Policy, 2014-10-10)
      A large portion of foreign assistance for climate change mitigation in developing countries is directed to clean energy facilities. To support international mitigation goals, however, donors must make investments that have ...