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    • Common Bound: The Small Groups of Methodism 

      Mobley, Matthew Alan (2016)
      The system of small groups John Wesley established to promote a proper life of discipleship in early Methodist converts was, in many respects, the strength of the Methodist movement. Those who responded to Wesley’s initial ...
    • Essays on Knowledge Intensive Groups 

      Zhu, Xiumei (2009)
      Expertise is regarded as the most important asset for groups working on knowledge-intensive tasks. This dissertation advances a multi-dimensional conception of group expertise that includes depth, breadth and variety as ...
    • Outgroup Similarity as a Source of Cognitive Dissonance: An Investigation of the Turncoat Effect 

      Hall, Deborah Lee (2010)
      A long tradition of social psychological research suggests that perceptions of similarity and common ground can promote more harmonious relations among otherwise diverse social groups. Yet perceived similarity with and ...