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    • Characterization of Blast-Induced Activation of Human Immune Cells 

      Garrett, Joel Frederick (2012)
      Blast related injuries have become a common occurrence among soldiers and civilians serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and minor traumatic brain injuries associated with such incidents have increased correspondingly. Advances ...
    • Telomeres and the natural lifespan limit in humans. 

      Steenstrup, Troels; Kark, Jeremy D; Verhulst, Simon; Thinggaard, Mikael; Hjelmborg, Jacob VB; Dalgård, Christine; Kyvik, Kirsten Ohm; ... (29 authors) (Aging (Albany NY), 2017-04)
      An ongoing debate in demography has focused on whether the human lifespan has a maximal natural limit. Taking a mechanistic perspective, and knowing that short telomeres are associated with diminished longevity, we examined ...