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    • Non-recurrent Wideband Continuous Active Sonar 

      Soli, Jonathan Boyd (2014)
      The Slow-time Costas or "SLO-CO" Continuous Active Sonar (CAS) waveform shows promise for enabling high range and velocity revisit rates and wideband processing gains while suppressing range ambiguities. SLO-CO is made up ...
    • Organ Localization: Moving Toward Patient Specific Prospective Organ Dosimetry for CT 

      Rybicki, Kevin (2012)
      <bold>Purpose:</bold> Radiation doses from computed tomography (CT) examinations have come under public and governmental scrutiny because of several recent misadministrations of radiation across the country. Current CT ...
    • Sensor-Assisted Mobile Phone Localization 

      Constandache, Ionut (2011)
      Localization is projected to play a critical role in mobile computing applications. Nevertheless, the state of the art is inadequate especially when operating on mobile devices. More specifically, the on-phone GPS sensor ...