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    • Optimal composition of europium gallium oxide thin films for device applications 

      Wellenius, P; Smith, ER; Leboeuf, SM; Everitt, HO; Muth, JF (2010)
      Europium gallium oxide (EuxGa1-x)(2)O-3 thin films were deposited on sapphire substrates by pulsed laser deposition with varying Eu content from x=2.4 to 20 mol %. The optical and physical effects of high europium concentration ...
    • Photoexcited Emission Efficiencies of Zinc Oxide 

      Foreman, John Vincent (2009)
      Optoelectronic properties of the II-VI semiconductor zinc oxide (ZnO) have been studied scientifically for almost 60 years; however, many fundamental questions remain unanswered about its two primary emission bands--the ...