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    • Bayesian Adjustment for Multiplicity 

      Scott, James Gordon (2009)
      This thesis is about Bayesian approaches for handling multiplicity. It considers three main kinds of multiple-testing scenarios: tests of exchangeable experimental units, tests for variable inclusion in linear regresson ...
    • Bayesian Analysis of Spatial Point Patterns 

      Leininger, Thomas Jeffrey (2014)
      We explore the posterior inference available for Bayesian spatial point process models. In the literature, discussion of such models is usually focused on model fitting and rejecting complete spatial randomness, with model ...
    • Interfaces between Bayesian and Frequentist Multiplte Testing 

      CHANG, SHIH-HAN (2015)
      This thesis investigates frequentist properties of Bayesian multiple testing procedures in a variety of scenarios and depicts the asymptotic behaviors of Bayesian methods. Both Bayesian and frequentist approaches to multiplicity ...
    • Recursive predictability tests for real-time data 

      Inoue, A; Rossi, Barbara (JOURNAL OF BUSINESS & ECONOMIC STATISTICS, 2005-07)
    • The evolutionary history of ferns inferred from 25 low-copy nuclear genes. 

      Burge, DO; Chen, L; Chen, T; DeGironimo, L; dePamphilis, C; Deyholos, M; Graham, SW; ... (23 authors) (Am J Bot, 2015-07)
      UNLABELLED: • PREMISE OF THE STUDY: Understanding fern (monilophyte) phylogeny and its evolutionary timescale is critical for broad investigations of the evolution of land plants, and for providing the point of comparison ...
    • Using Helix-coil Models to Study Protein Unfolded States 

      Hughes, Roy Gene (2016)
      An abstract of a thesis devoted to using helix-coil models to study unfolded states.\\Research on polypeptide unfolded states has received much more attention in the last decade or so than it has in the past. Unfolded states ...