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    • Discontinuation of rLH two days before hCG may increase the number of oocytes retrieved in IVF 

      Spencer, Jessica B; Browne, Aimee S; Copland, Susannah D; Session, Donna R (2010)
      Background: Administration of recombinant luteinizing hormone (rLH) in controlled ovarian hyperstimulation may benefit a subpopulation of patients. However, late follicular phase administration of high doses of rLH may also ...
    • Lessons Learned from the Anaerobe Survey: Historical Perspective and Review of the Most Recent Data (2005-2007) 

      Snydman, David R; Jacobus, Nilda V; McDermott, Laura A; Golan, Yoav; Hecht, David W; Goldstein, Ellie JC; Harrell, Lizzie; ... (16 authors) (2010)
      Background. The rationale and lessons learned through the evolution of the National Survey for the Susceptibility of Bacteroides fragilis Group from its initiation in 1981 through 2007 are reviewed here. The survey was conceived ...
    • Rare Complications of Cervical Spine Surgery: Pseudomeningocoele. 

      Ailon, Tamir; Smith, Justin S; Nassr, Ahmad; Smith, Zachary A; Hsu, Wellington K; Fehlings, Michael G; Fish, David E; ... (27 authors) (Global spine journal, 2017-04)
      This study was a retrospective, multicenter cohort study.Rare complications of cervical spine surgery are inherently difficult to investigate. Pseudomeningocoele (PMC), an abnormal collection of cerebrospinal fluid that ...