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    • Bayesian Adjustment for Multiplicity 

      Scott, James Gordon (2009)
      This thesis is about Bayesian approaches for handling multiplicity. It considers three main kinds of multiple-testing scenarios: tests of exchangeable experimental units, tests for variable inclusion in linear regresson ...
    • Interfaces between Bayesian and Frequentist Multiplte Testing 

      CHANG, SHIH-HAN (2015)
      This thesis investigates frequentist properties of Bayesian multiple testing procedures in a variety of scenarios and depicts the asymptotic behaviors of Bayesian methods. Both Bayesian and frequentist approaches to multiplicity ...
    • Multiple Testing Embedded in an Aggregation Tree With Applications to Omics Data 

      Pura, John (2020)
      In my dissertation, I have developed computational methods for high dimensional inference, motivated by the analysis of omics data. This dissertation is divided into two parts. The first part of this dissertation is motivated ...