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    • Beyond the Death of Linear Response: 1/f Optimal Information Transport 

      Aquino, Gerardo; Bologna, Mauro; Grigolini, Paolo; West, Bruce J (2010)
      Nonergodic renewal processes have recently been shown by several authors to be insensitive to periodic perturbations, thereby apparently sanctioning the death of linear response, a building block of nonequilibrium statistical ...
    • Bifurcation Analysis of Gene Regulatory Circuits Subject to Copy Number Variation 

      Mileyko, Yuriy; Weitz, Joshua S (2010)
      Gene regulatory networks are comprised of many small gene circuits. Understanding expression dynamics of gene circuits for broad ranges of parameter space may provide insight into the behavior of larger regulatory networks ...
    • Network Dynamics and Systems Biology 

      Norrell, Johannes Adrie (2009)
      The physics of complex systems has grown considerably as a field in recent decades, largely due to improved computational technology and increased availability of systems level data. One area in which physics is of growing ...
    • Spontaneous brain activity as a source of ideal 1/f noise 

      Allegrini, Paolo; Menicucci, Danilo; Bedini, Remo; Fronzoni, Leone; Gemignani, Angelo; Grigolini, Paolo; West, Bruce J; ... (8 authors) (2009)
      We study the electroencephalogram (EEG) of 30 closed-eye awake subjects with a technique of analysis recently proposed to detect punctual events signaling rapid transitions between different metastable states. After ...
    • Value chains, networks and clusters: Reframing the global automotive industry 

      Sturgeon, T; Biesebroeck, JV; Gereffi, G (Journal of Economic Geography, 2008-05-01)
      In this article, we apply global value chain (GVC) analysis to recent trends in the global automotive industry, with special attention paid to the case of North America. We use the three main elements of the GVC ...