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    • A Naturalistic Philosophy of Play 

      Gindele, Nathaniel Cross (2015)
      This is a philosophical work on the subject of play. Organized around a handful of questions, the thesis approaches inquiry by first integrating empirical lines of research and then applying the methods of philosophy. The ...
    • Playing Along with Esther: What Christian Readers Can Learn from Jews 

      Schaafsma, Katrina (2022)
      In this dissertation, I attend to historical receptions of Esther MT to illustrate problematic trends in the Christian use of the book and to identify avenues for the development of ethically responsible modern Christian ...
    • Playing Incarnation: A Playful Pedagogy of Incarnate Imagination 

      Kruck, Jeffrey Logan (2019)
      Playing Incarnation recognizes that the imagination is at the center holistic learning, and seeks to present a pedagogical model that focuses on inspiring and training the imagination through models of play. The model arose ...
    • The Braveness of Jane 

      Goodwin, Catherine Faye (2016-11-08)