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    • An Analysis of Erosion and Sedimentation Programs in North Carolina 

      Stogner, Michelle (2010-04-30)
      Sedimentation is considered to be the number one pollutant of North Carolina waters. When excessive sediments enter the water, normally as a result of construction or agriculture, severe ecological consequences occur. Soil ...
    • Annual Trends in Plastics Policy: A Brief 

      Karasik, Rachel; Bering, Janet; Griffin, Madison; Diana, Zoie; Laspada, Christian; Schachter, Jonathan; Wang, Yifan; ... (9 authors) (2022-02-23)
      In 2020, the Plastics Policy Inventory and accompanying report, 20 Years of Government Responses to the Global Plastic Pollution Problem, were published, providing a baseline for the trends in government responses to the ...
    • Exceeding the Threshold: Analysis of Public Information Transfer using Instrumental Variables 

      Inder, Gabrielle (2014-04-16)
      This paper examines how information transfer about contamination levels found at brownfield sites capitalizes into nearby property values. More specifically, a hedonic model is used to test the impact on housing transaction ...