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    • Broad Scale Conservation: Protected Areas and Species Interactions 

      Joppa, Lucas N. (2009)
      This dissertation consists of four chapters. The first three chapters examine protected areas (or parks) from multiple perspectives. Parks are the first, and often only, line of defense in efforts to conserve biodiversity. ...
    • Conservation of endemic species in China 

      Binbin, LI (2017)
      China is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, harboring more than 10% of the species in the world. Among them, 11% of the vertebrate genera and 7% plant genera are endemic to China. During its rapid social ...
    • Measuring protected areas’ impact on deforestation in Panama 

      Haruna, Akiko (2010-12-10)
      Throughout the last century, protected areas (PAs) have been the major policy instrument for forest conservation worldwide, as well as in the Republic of Panama. The country has strived to lower the decline in its tropical ...