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    • Democratic Punishment in Public Good Games with Perfect and Imperfect Observability 

      Ambrus, Attila; Greiner, B (Economic Research Initiatives at Duke (ERID), 2015-08-26)
      In the context of repeated public good contribution games, we experimentally investigate the impact of democratic punishment, when members of a group decide by majority voting whether to inflict punishment on another member, ...
    • Moral Luck and Responsibility 

      Semler, Jen (2019-04-11)
      This paper will argue that we should take moral luck seriously. In Section 2, I explain the problem of moral luck and the assumptions on which it rests. In Section 3, I evaluate several proposed solutions to the problem ...
    • Revising Justice: Punitory Thought and Action in the Work of Atwood, Jordan, and Oates 

      Barker, Natalya (2016-05-05)
      *Designated as an exemplary master's project for 2015-16*This paper examines how contemporary literature contributes to the discussion of punitory justice. It uses close analysis of three contemporary novels, Margaret Atwood’s ...