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    • Poor Positive Predictive Value of Lyme Disease Serologic Testing in an Area of Low Disease Incidence. 

      Lantos, PM; Branda, JA; Boggan, JC; Chudgar, SM; Wilson, EA; Ruffin, F; Fowler, VG; ... (9 authors) (Clin Infect Dis, 2015-11-01)
      BACKGROUND: Lyme disease is diagnosed by 2-tiered serologic testing in patients with a compatible clinical illness, but the significance of positive test results in low-prevalence regions has not been investigated. METHODS: ...
    • Why Serological Responses during Cystitis are Limited. 

      Choi, Hae Woong; Abraham, Soman N (Pathogens, 2016-02-14)
      The high frequency of urinary tract infections (UTIs), some of which appear to be endogenous relapses rather than reinfections by new isolates, point to defects in the host's memory immune response. It has been known for ...